UWE/Redcliffe Regional History Series

UWE’s Regional History Centre and  Bristol publishers Redcliffe Press are to join forces to publish a series of regional history studies covering Bristol and its hinterland.

The first volume, on Social Life on the Bristol Waterfront 1750-1880, edited by Steve Poole,  is planned for September 2012.  Several contributors tell the  amazing stories of the people who lived and worked in and around the city docks.

Another commissioned topic is A History of Women in Bristol: Shaping the city c.1700-2000, to be published in autumn 2013.   Edited by Madge Dresser, this will not be a celebration of ‘Bristol Greats’ but will explore the lives and achievements of a broad cross section of Bristol women.

Director of UWE’s Regional History Centre, Steve Poole said they expected to publish one or two titles a year.  In time, these would grow into a major historical resource. The books would be commissioned and edited by the UWE regional history team, and funded and published by Redcliffe.  He added: ‘With 35 years
experience of local publishing, Redcliffe Press are UWE’s logical partners in this exciting project.’

Redcliffe have now published more than 230 books on aspects of life in Bristol, ranging from architecture to football, and from cinema to Bristol’s suburban railway stations.    Director John Sansom says: ‘It was almost inevitable  for UWE and Redcliffe to join forces like this.  I’m only surprised we didn’t do it years ago.

‘For us, it will ensure a flow of significant, authoritative studies of Bristol topics – scholarly yet accessible, jargon-free and aimed at an intelligent public audience – which will add greatly to our knowledge and understanding of this great city.’