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David Bolton

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What do Concorde and corsets, motorcycles and mustard gas, buses and brushes, ships and sherry, Woodbines and wigs all have in common? The answer is that they were – some still are – made in Bristol. Many of the fifty products described in this book, such as Vespa scooters and George’s beer, are long gone, but others like Bailey caravans and Cameron balloons are still going strong. Some are famous, like Bristol Cream and Wallace and Gromit. Others you'll have heard of but didn’t know were originally made in Bristol, like Ribena and Brain’s faggots. And one or two you probably won’t have heard of, like the Chantal Meteor jukebox and Limbs and Things. The author’s choice of products, and his style, are very personal. One thing is for certain, it’s not a series of dry company histories but a lively, entertaining and enormously varied collection of descriptions, first-person accounts and stories. From it you’ll learn a lot, be fascinated, surprised and entertained and perhaps you’ll even smile. You will – we promise – end up feeling huge admiration for the inventiveness, audacity and determination of the people responsible for these multifarious products – and perhaps you’ll feel pride too because, like them, you’re from Bristol. ISBN 978-1-904537-91-5 270mm x 210mm 176 pages with mono illustrations Softback

David Bolton

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