Not All Came Back: A Somerset Farmer’s son at Gallipoli


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In the village of Bishopsworth, near Bristol in rural north Somerset, the traditional farming families followed the seasonal round. Farmers were still lesser gentry, well educated, sitting on the parish council, overseers of the poor, members of the local school board, reading lessons in church and dispensing charity. They played whist and organised tennis tournaments. Meanwhile the carnage of the First World War trenches was stuck in the mud. Winston Churchill planned to invade Turkey via the Gallipoli peninsula. It was a disaster, with hundreds of thousands killed and wounded on both sides. One of the young men killed at Gallipoli was Sgt Major Sydney Hall, of Fillwood Farm, Bishopsworth. He had a promising engineering career ahead of him, and as for so many others, his family was left to grieve. Amazingly, we can know him and his two worlds – genteel country life and life in the trenches – through the survival of the letters between him and his family and friends, and through the photographs of family, the farm and life in Bishopsworth in 1915. His diary and military pocket book have also come down to us. Here is unfamiliar social history, and a unique insight into military history, told in archive photographs and the words of people with whom we can identify nearly a century later. 250 x 210mm 104pp with mono illustrations ISBN: 978-1-906593-62-9 Softback

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