Sailing Pilots of the Bristol Channel


Peter Stuckey

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This reprint of Peter Stuckey’s classic book on the sailing pilot cutters of the Bristol Channel is a response to public demand. The author tells of the pilots, westernmen, ‘men-in-the-boats’ and apprentices from first-hand accounts, with vivid descriptions of the rigours of their daily life afloat and their often incredible feats of seamanship. Generations of men and boats from Bristol, Newport, Barry, Cardiff and Swansea are all commemorated. In their day they ranged far and wide seeking ‘downalong’ for ships to pilot from Bristol to Liverpool, off the south coast of Ireland and from fifty miles south-east of Land’s End to Start Point in the English Channel. This is their remarkable story, from the earliest days of the Bristol Channel pilotage service to their replacement by steam cutters in the early twentieth century. There are chapters on the craft themselves, how and by whom they were built, along with descriptive appendices on the surprising number of cutters still in commission as prized yachts, museum preservation projects and the growing number of ship’s modellers recreating classic craft like the Cariad and Marguerite. There is an additional profile of RB Boatbuilding Ltd of Bristol which has built replicas of sailing pilot cutters. There are 66 archive photographs and diagrams. 220 x 210mm 184pp ISBN: 978-1-906593-64-3 Softback

Peter Stuckey

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