Take Flight: Celebrating Aviation in the West of England since 1910


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2010 marks the centenary of the founding of Bristol Aeroplane Company (BAC) by Bristol transport entrepreneur Sir George White. Take Flight: Celebrating Aviation in the West of England since 1910 tells the story of BAC and its associated companies from the earliest days to the present, and beyond. It is a story that encompasses the vision of the company founders, the bravery of the early pilots, globally significant engineering breakthroughs, the contributions of ordinary people in times of war and peace, and the future challenges that need to be faced today. The focus is on aircraft and aero-engines but the book also touches on many of the diverse products that were developed from the aerospace industry, including luxury cars, plastic-hulled boats, guided missiles, satellites and pre-fabricated buildings. The book is aimed at the general reader. It seeks to explain the wonders of flight and the particular contributions made by BAC in easily understood terms. Lavishly illustrated and beautifully designed, it also aims to appeal to enthusiasts seeking a lasting memento of the first 100 years of West of England aviation. ISBN 978-0-955074-23-3 284mm x 220mm 320 pages with 300 mono and full colour photographs Hardback

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