A City Built Upon the Water: Maritime Bristol 1750-1900


edited by Steve Poole

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In this first in a major series of local history studies – Redcliffe/UWE Regional Histories – eight experts write about aspects of life in the city docks from 1750 to the end of the nineteenth century. Topics include leisure and commerce and the development of the Floating Harbour and the Bristol Dock Company, the perilous lives crewing the triangular-trade slaving ships, and the controversial myth of Edward Colston. Also studied in some depth are the rise and fall of the Hotwell Spa, the lives of the Pill Pilots whose job it was to safely negotiate incoming ships up the tortuous Avon Gorge, crime and maritime trade, 1770-1800, foreign sailors and knife crime in nineteenth-century Bristol, and Bristol artists’ visual beautification of the waterfront.

edited by Steve Poole
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