The Henleaze Lake Story: An Account and the History of Henleaze Swimming Club


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Henleaze Swimming Club was founded in 1919. The club is the owner and operator of a nine-acre property situated in Bristol three miles north of the city centre. A deep flooded limestone quarry known as Henleaze Lake occupies a third of the area. The club’s 1450 members and their guests enjoy swimming, diving and sunbathing during the five summer months. Fishing takes place the year round. The Henleaze Lake Story is an account of Henleaze Lake and Henleaze Swimming Club from the earliest quarrying days through to the beginning of the twenty-first century. It tells the story of a magical place, warts and all, and has over 100 illustrations that have been collected over many years. 244 x 170mm 140pp, including over 100 illustrations Paperback ISBN: 978-0-955551-0-3

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