Darwin: For the love of science


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A celebration of the life, work and legacy of Charles Darwin Darwin: for the love of science is a collection of specially commissioned essays to mark the bicentenary of the birth of Charles Darwin, one of the world’s greatest scientists. It forms part of the worldwide Darwin 200 programme in 2009 which looks back at Darwin’s achievements, debates his findings, and seeks to develop further his theories. This accessible book takes its title from Darwin’s own assessment of what had determined his success as a man of science: ‘the love of science – unbounded patience… industry in observing and collecting facts – and a fair share of invention as well as common sense.’ Though the tone of the book is celebratory, it does not shy away from criticism, whether with reference to the creationist argument that evolution is inherently false, the intelligent design argument that sees a role for a maker in the process or more scientifically rigorous challenges. But its main focus is Darwin’s work and its impact, in the context of his own times through to the present day. There are over 250 illustrations, some rarely seen before. Andrew Kelly is director of Bristol Cultural Development Partnership (BCDP) and Bristol Festival of Ideas. He is the author of 11 books, including three film histories. Melanie Kelly is seconded to BCDP from GWE Business West as a researcher and project manager. She and Andrew co-edited Brunel: in love with the impossible, and they are now working on a history of the Bristol aircraft industry. Editors: Andrew Kelly and Melanie Kelly Contributors: Brian Dolan, Marcus Waithe, Jonathan Hodge, George Dyson, Keith Ward, A C Grayling, David C Catling Published by Bristol Cultural Development Partnership, and distributed to the trade via Redcliffe Press Ltd., Bristol