Dear Mother: Great War Letters from a Bristol Soldier


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Like countless of his contemporaries, from Bristol Grammar schoolboy, Stanley Booker cheerfully volunteered to fight for his country in the Great War. Joining ‘Bristol’s Own’ in September 1914, after training at Ashton Gate he was commissioned in the Worcestershire Regiment in the following year and was posted to Maldon in Essex. His letters home tell of the routine of bayonet practice, trench digging and the tedium of waiting to see action at the Front, alleviated by the excitement of dodging Zeppelin raids. After a spell on Salisbury Plain, Stanley saw front-line action in 1916 and his letters from this period culminate in a series of vivid accounts of life and death just yards from the enemy lines near Richebourg. Black and white photographs ISBN 1 904537 07 3, softback