Douglas Light Aero Engines: From Kingswood to Cathcart


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This ground-breaking book tells of the contribution made by converted Douglas motorcycle engines to the development of private flying, in the golden age of civil aviation from 1923 to 1939. The story begins in the early 1920s, with prize competitions in Britain and Germany designed to encourage the development of affordable light aircraft. Before the established aero-engine makers took this new market seriously, a major power source was the renowned twin-cylinder motorcycle units made by Douglas, of Kingswood, Bristol. Later, from those Douglas works came Cyril G Pullin, a brilliant designer whose ideas put him among world leaders in rotary-winged aircraft development after he moved to G & J Weir at Cathcart in Glasgow in 1933. Another ex-Douglas engineer, forgotten until now, designed the innovative power units for these autogiros and helicopters. Back in Bristol, some amazing new air-cooled engines were being schemed, until the Kingswood Works were retooled for war work. This profusely illustrated record of a remarkable period in aviation history charts the fortunes of Douglas and its successors, their engines and the aircraft they powered. ISBN 978-1-906593-25-4 232pp Profusely illustrated throughout softback