Dying can seriously damage your health


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Scarcely a day passes without the media latching on to another absurd bureaucratic regulation. Of course, not all health and safety rules are as daft as they sound, and often there’s no real substance behind the zany headlines. And, let’s admit it, some regulators do have our best interests at heart. But the reality is that most of these new rules are being drafted to avoid compensation claims arising from the ‘blame culture’ now gripping the UK. Dip into this book for loads of mind-boggling regulations and political correctness: • Panto stars banned from throwing sweets into the audience as accident risk to young children. • The butcher ordered to sound-proof his shop because he chopped his meat too loudly. • The pensioner who lost his guide dog for walking too slowly. • Visitors banned from ‘coo-ing’ at new-born babes, as infringing their dignity • Tenants told to remove doormats deemed to be ‘tripping hazards’. • ‘Sickness absence’ from work to be reclassified as ‘minimised attendance’. You just can’t make them up! We all need cheering up in these difficult times. Settle down in your favourite armchair and have a quiet chuckle at the absurdities of modern life. But don’t laugh too hard, you might crack a rib!