Life after Bristol Rovers


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There comes a time in every professional footballer’s life when he has to hang up his boots and get ‘a proper job’! Some, of course, stay in the game in some capacity or other, but for the rest it’s a whole new ball game. So what became of those Pirates of yesteryear who once graced Eastville, Twerton Park or The Mem? Where is international defender Larry Lloyd these days? What are ‘Smash and Grab’ (aka Bannister and Warboys) doing for a living? And what about all those Williams boys – Brian, David, Geraint and Johnny? Having personally tracked down and interviewed former players for his Sunday Independent ‘Memory Lane’ column, the author has some of the answers here in Life After Bristol Rovers – Second Series. With careers ranging from banking to fire fighting, teaching to nursing, plus, as always, a large helping of postal delivery workers, this book reveals the stories behind each featured former Rovers player’s time at the club and what lay in store for them in the years ahead.

ISBN 978-1-906593-09-4
128 pp
Profusely illustrated / softback