The Literature of Cornwall: Continuity Identity Difference 1000-2000


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The book begins with a historical survey of early Cornish literature, exploring the importance of figures such as King Arthur, Tristan and Isolde and the mystery plays, Ordinalia and Beunans Meriasek. Seventeenth-century writers considered include Nicholas Roscarrock, Richard Carew and Sidney Godolphin. In the nineteenth century, industrial change was crucial in redefining Cornwall’s identity, with writers such as RS Hawker, John Harris and RM Ballantyne. The impact of travel and tourism, along with Celtic Revivalism, are explored, leading to a further refinement of Cornish difference between 1890 and 1940. Authors considered here include Henry Jenner, Robert Morton Nance and Arthur Quiller Couch. AL Rowse, Jack Clemo, Charles Causley and DM Thomas head the writers discussed in the period 1940-1980, and the book concludes with a study of Cornwall’s confident contemporary literature, ranging from Kneehigh Theatre to indigenous Cornish film.

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