Entertaining Bridge: Social bridge at home


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This book is for complete beginners, yet seasoned Bridge players will also learn useful tips. Most writers of books about Bridge seem to automatically assume that the aim of players is to join a Club and play Duplicate Bridge but many hundreds of thousands play only social Rubber Bridge; they meet in each other’s houses and enjoy the friendly atmosphere, the chit-chat, all mixed with the undoubted pleasure of playing the best game in the world. Most of them have decided that they do not play a game to win nor to gain status by progressing up the Bridge ladder, they play for FUN. This book is for people who want to learn to play Social Bridge. Its clear instructions, with examples and quizzes, will enable a novice to be able to play rudimentary bridge by Chapter 4. Bridge for two and three players is also included, because sometimes someone is unable to make up the usual four, as is a History of Bridge for players who like to know the antecedents of their game. Often a snack or a meal is an integral part of Social Bridge. The book also includes recipes for lunch, tea and supper, which can be prepared in advance, so that the hostess does not have to jump up from the card table. Caroline Salt is a qualified Bridge teacher and has been teaching social Rubber Bridge for many years. This book is the result of her being aware and listening to the many different comments made by the hundreds of her pupils endeavouring and succeeding to master the basic elements of the game. A second, more advanced book, could follow at a later date. The illustrations were drawn by one of her former pupils, and there are also some cartoons by the noted illustrator, the late John Hassall, which give an amusing aside to the game.

210 x 148mm / softback
ISBN: 978-1-904537-74-8