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A History and Celebration of the Playhouse, Weston-super-Mare

‘With contributions from staff, ex-staff, volunteers and audience members, plus the usual quota of mishaps and ghost sightings, Samantha Ball, who works in the Playhouse’s box office, has written an affectionate history of a theatre she obviously adores.’

Geoff Bowden, The Call Boy Magazine Autumn 2019

‘There’s dedication and then there is dedication…Samantha Ball spent the best part of three and a half years (in between the day-job and the part-time job) researching the history of the Playhouse Theatre. This, she decided required her to look through every single edition of the Weston Mercury from 1946-2000. Anyone reading this who has researched local history and has spent any time in the library going through old editions of the local newspaper on microfilm will understand what a mammoth task this was. It’s not just that it’s hugely time-consuming, it’s also that with every single page you run the risk of being distracted by some fascinating news story from years ago.

The end result is her book A History and Celebration of the Playhouse Theatre Weston-super-Mare, a well-told account of a much-loved local institution.’

Eugene Byrne, Bristol Post & Western Daily Press 15th October 2019