The Bridport Prize 2018


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The Bridport Prize, established in 1973, is one of the most prestigious open writing competitions in the English language with over £18,000 in prize money annually.

This exciting collection of new writing contains the winning poems, short stories and flash fiction stories from the 2018 Bridport Prize competition. They have been selected by judges Daljit Nagra and Monica Ali from thousands of entries.

What the judges say …

Daljit Nahra: Poetry judge
‘As a judge, it’s difficult to know what unconscious forces have guided your selection. Perhaps most of all, memorability is the key guide, that strange combination of acoustic, symbolic, phrase making and other elements that go into creating a fresh world of rumination, and that has stayed
vividly with me for days after first reading that poem.’

Monica Ali: Short Story judge
‘Reading through this year’s entries I thought a lot about what makes a great short story truly great. The best ones make the back of your neck tingle. They make you feel newly alive to the world. They suck you in fast, and they do it by weaving character, setting, story, voice, dialogue and whatever other elements of the craft, into a scene that makes you wonder what will happen next, what has happened before.’

Monica Ali: Flash Fiction judge
‘I am in awe of anyone who can write decent flash fiction. It’s a really tough business to create an entire story, build a world, bring a character to life in so few words. The best of the entries this year left a lingering presence, an impression on the imagination that filled far more space in the mind
than on the page. They resonated long after the final line.’